Write, write, write

How does one over come writer’s block?  You write.  That is the only way.  Which almost seems counter intuitive, but that’s how it works.  It’s like when you break your leg – how do you over come the pain in your leg during physical therapy?  You run on it.  Sure you work your way up, from limp to walk to run, but you have to get out there and do it.  That is not easy for an author.  We are some how convinced that we must be in the mood to write.  That creation is based in grief or ecstasy.  Some authors have gone so far to take mind altering drugs – alcohol, morphine, and even sex.  I still remember reading a Byron poem that was about having to much sex.

One thing that Byron had going for him was the fact that he was aware of the use of passion within writing.  The way he accomplished this was by living passionately, loving passionately and making love passionately.  I may not approve of his methods, but if you met him you would know that he lived in the moment.  That is a matter of fact that most authors – especially Christian authors – these days do not embrace.  Yet, it is something that Christ preached several times.  Funny how that works.

Still getting back to my main point.  I am attempting to just write as much as possible.  When I do not feel the embrace of passion in my writing, then I switch to my prompt (a story about a Guatemalan super hero) or to my blog – like am right now.  Either way, I am writing and that is important.


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